Great news for the expanding popularity of Aeternity! Apart from Binance and Lykke, the AE token is now listed on Huobi Pro, a digital asset exchange.

So now it’s up to us in the community to get involved and make the AE token part of HADAX! Go ahead to and vote vote vote! Spread the word!

It has service centers in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong as well as Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen with headquarters in Singapore. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges related to China, despite recent regulations. According to international rankings it is the 7th largest exchange in the world. Huobi Pro supports crypto to crypto exchanges, crypto to USDT, and has a special architecture to prevent DDoS attacks and other threats.

Huobi pro has recently announced the launching of HADAX

(Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange). This sub-brand does not make any evaluation of investment value, only confirming authenticity and legitimacy. It allows users to vote for token listings and has set up investor admittance standards. The new exchange deals with some of the previous drawbacks of Huobi Pro like too long audit period, strong subjectivity, and limited coverage. HADAX goes live on the 1st of March and the AE token is already gaining votes to become part of it.

These three new listings on exchanges based in Asia and Europe will allow Aeternity to expand and grow its token’s popularity.

For Aeternity’s market cap rankings, charts, and more:

Community Article written by Anna Kotimbara

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