Following Lykke Exchange’s partnership with BitShares, Aeternity has gained ground on their exchange platform. Apart from Binance and Huobi Pro, the AE token is now listed on Lykke, a Swiss semi-decentralized exchange and wallet for cryptocurrencies and fiat. The company’s subsidiaries, which are licensed as financial companies, provide broker and trading services for clients. Lykke provides liquidity, issuance services, and consulting. The commissions and fees are essentially 0% and all possible pair types are tradable: fiat to fiat, fiat to crypto, and crypto to crypto.

Lykke has been partnering with BitShares, a technology for decentralized financial exchange to set up the scalable, global blockchain-based marketplace. BitShares is one of the oldest decentralized blockchains claiming to have transactions’ volume bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. Its aim is to provide price stability through SmartCoins, whose value is tied to that of another asset, such as USD, and is fully backed by the BitShares-native BTS token.

These three new listings on exchanges based in Asia and Europe will allow Aeternity to expand and grow its token’s popularity.

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Community Article written by Anna Kotimbara

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