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Blockchains based on Erlang and Elixir have become a hot topic where progress is being made and not just being spoken about. One of the leading projects in the space is æternity. They are betting that a functional programming language such as Erlang is the solution to blockchain scalability and reliability. æternity has put together... Read more
æternity, the open-source, distributed computing platform that builds on decentralized cryptographic P2P technology, today announced a partnership with Erlang Solutions, an Erlang and Elixir consultancy, to scale its distributed system and peer-to-peer network and bring its blockchain technology to the masses. “As scalability issu... Read more
We at aenews are happy to announce to the aeternity community that exchange will be adding AE to their exchange, for the launch of adding AE BitStar have announced a promotion to give away 20.000 AE to any user that deposit AE to the exchange. During 2018/1/6 16:00 to 2018/1/8 16:00, any user who deposits […]... Read more
Aeternity, a new technology with limitless prospects combines the technology of blockchain, oracles and state channels. The boundless real-time transactions Aeternity offers is achieved by the use of “Turing smart contracts” and “state channels” technologies. Furthermore, smart contracts enable secure data exchange with the ph... Read more
These days, most people are familiar with the act of accepting a friend request on a social network. We rarely pause to consider that the integrity of our experience in the system depends on this simple function. When we accept a friend request, we are verifying that this digital identity represents the real individual it […]... Read more
The blockchain is the internet of value that gives us the ability to not only transmit the information but value in the blink of an eye to anyone anywhere in the world. Aeternity is a new blockchain that has solved issues like scalability, privacy and transaction speed. Aeternity has learned from first generation Blockchains and [&hel... Read more
Aeternity is an innovative blockchain technology, intended to bring unrivaled proficiency, global scalability, and transparent supremacy. A smart contract blockchain, Aeternity is way better than other blockchain technologies like Augur, Ethereum, and Factom. Aeternity makes use of several functionalities like Erlang, REACT with prove... Read more
#aeternity is at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig! What is #CCC all about? #Security, #cryptography, #privacy, #online freedom of speech, #technology, #society & #utopia. Meet us there! #34c3 #tuwat #blockchain Check out the Chaos Computer Club... Read more
æternity contributed to John Tromp’s Cuckoo Cycle Bounty Fund. Cuckoo Cycle is the first graph-theoretic Proof-of-Work (PoW), and the most memory bound, yet with instant verification. As such it is an attractive new consensus mechanism to be implemented by æternity. In order to push its further development and improvement, æterni... Read more
æternity’s first online hackathon is now complete! We are excited to announce the winning apps, as well as the honorable mentions. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our hackathon to create new mobile first blockchain applications. We were impressed with our applicant’s inspiring ability to use the power of block... Read more
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