We at aenews are happy to announce to the aeternity community that exchange will be adding AE to their exchange, for the launch of adding AE BitStar have announced a promotion to give away 20.000 AE to any user that deposit AE to the exchange.

During 2018/1/6 16:00 to 2018/1/8 16:00, any user who deposits AE in BitStar can get proportional AE depending on the contribution. For example, during the promotion period, all AE deposit amount is 100 AE. If one user deposit 10 AE, he/she can get (10/100)*5000=500 AE as rewards.(up to 5,000 AE)

The rewards will be given during 2018/1/9 to 2018/1/11.

Trading Rewards

During 2018/1/8 16:00 to 2018/1/13 23:59, any user trades AE/BTC can get AE back (Trading amount reach 1000 AE can get 1 AE back, rewards can be accumulated ).Trading amount equal to total buy amount plus total sell amount during the promotion(up to 10,000 AE).

The rewards will be given during 2018/1/15 to 2018/1/17



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