Aeternity is an innovative blockchain technology, intended to bring unrivaled proficiency, global scalability, and transparent supremacy. A smart contract blockchain, Aeternity is way better than other blockchain technologies like Augur, Ethereum, and Factom. Aeternity makes use of several functionalities like Erlang, REACT with proven worth and add others, to produce a remarkable software framework with real-life application and usage.

Aeternity platform offers a smart contract that can effectively function as financial instruments, such as financial derivatives. Our state channels let Aeternity back smart contracts at advanced scale. State channels of Aeternity are abridged forms of side chains, with two partakers. This simply implies that the real connections are not completed on-chain, offering Aeternity more benefits especially when likened to other blockchain technologies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Aeternity use of Erlang is due to its exceptional features, and it functions on a bunch of excellently written scripts. This allows Aeternity leverage on its multicore CPU benefits instantaneously and offers simple tools consenting to the formation of an even distributed system. The rewards on the use of Erlang are quite sufficient when compared to others. So, what benefits do you get?

• It is a productive and better way of organizing code, dependencies, and libraries.
• Provides an excellent way for code deployment alongside intermingling of Erlang VM with an OS.
• Erlang’s standard layout ensures its straightforward use of frameworks testing and static code analyzers.
• Secure and robust way to handle configs: for development, production, test, etc.

Aeternity is Scalable and Fast
Aeternity is unquestionable here to transform the present way of transactions, permitting infinite and high-level scalability which is only restricted by the bandwidth of both parties. Aeternity is seeking to modernize the blockchain space with fast and scalable smart contracts linked with real data.

With these positive enhancements compared to Ethereum, Aeternity is here to stay, and we believe we have every chance to succeed!!!

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